Five Things I'm probably thinking about right now

Tomatoes. Iā€™d travel miles for a good tomato. Let it be rich and earthy. Like the kind my grandpa watered during hot summers while I secretly tried to free the worms in his fishing can. RIP Grandpa's fishing worms.

Nothing. I meditate, listen to dharma talks, and read about Buddhism on the regular. 

Super Sassy Soul Music. Sam Cooke is among my favorite musicians. Give me a beat and some sassy crooning, and I'm all set.

Typography. When I see an ad in a public space, I'm likely contemplating if I know the typeface and how well it's being used.

Eva. That's my dog. We're pretty tight. Which makes for great company during our city walks, but not so much when doing work. Particularly because she likes to lay her head on my computer keyboardfjke;afiaji;... See what I mean. 

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